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The Yellow Train
12 July 2008

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6 July 2008

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The Old Car
13 April 2008

Recent Comments

Annierita & Annisabelle on Silhouette
I like a lot this photo for it's atmosphere, I feel completly there ! Annierita

omid on Rivers of Blood
very nice & amazing!!!!!

Basile Pesso on Silhouette
Very beautifully enigmatic.

Soheil on Silhouette
fantastic shot nice framing have a nice day

BlindPoet on Rest
love this

shervin on Affection
Beautiful and lovely pictures

omid on Curiosity
very nice & so beautiful!

Lai Chan See on Curiosity
Great texture. I like it.

alyriza on Curiosity
nice photo

Jason Politte on Aquamarine
Such cool coloration for this old building - love the textures!

Jason Politte on Sunburst
Fantastic colors - so vibrant!

Jason Politte on A Cell Phone and a Goat
Wonderful candid shot! Good to see you posting again. :-)

Vert Pomme on Sunburst
J'adore cette rosace colorée.

L'Angevine on Sunburst
ah de belles couleurs éclatantes

Curly on Sunburst
Great image, fresh and vibrant.

SalSa on Pillars
Wonderful handwork and great detail

Isidro on Pillars
buena imagen de este lugar historico, el b&w le da mas fuerza!

Jason Politte on Pillars
Wow, how I love seeing this stuff in person. Must've been amazing to stand among such history. Wonderful shot, ...

Calusarus on Pillars
Very nice to see these ones

Doug on Pillars
Interesting image

Jason Politte on Mustafa
Excellent portrait and a superb bit of story-telling. Very well done!

Jason Politte on Door (5/5)
Wow, what a door! Excellent find, Francesca!

Jason Politte on Broken Worlds
Excellent framing for the symbolism, Francesca - love the details.

Doug on Broken Worlds
Superbly done in monochrome it helps to bring the characters out

Basile Pesso on Silenced
I read.... maybe you could activate the links :)

Basile Pesso on Silenced

Basile Pesso on Silenced
Excellent picture, the best I've seen on your site. I'll be back later for a reading if the text.

Jason Politte on Silenced
Excellent commentary and portrayal to get the word out about this global problem of victimization.

Doug on Silenced
Fantastically graphic image depicting this awful trade. It's amazing in this day and age that this disgusting ...

Basile Pesso on Blurred Vision
Another excellent one ! Not to be done often for the health of your camera.

Curly on Waves
Always a fun way to make surprising abstracts :-)

cjbc on Waves
Nice abstract image!

Ronnie 2¢ on Waves
You did real well here - the unpredictability of this stuff makes it so exciting to try !

Basile Pesso on Waves
These light painting curves are absolutely excellent.

Doug on Waves
I love this, a wonderful abstract image

Doug on River of Sound
I see it now and it's a fascinating and beautiful abstract image

Basile Pesso on River of Sound
I like it very much.

Doug on River of Sound
Sorry Francesca but your image is not showing

Doug on River of Sound
Sorry Francesca but the shot is not up

Marie on 奶奶
quel beau portrait, très expressif.

Doug on Mustafa
Lovely portrait and great story to go with it

Scott F. Schilling on Mustafa
Wonderful portrait and story! This makes me want to visit Turkey and buy a rug! Well done!

Curly on Mustafa
A wonderful portrait, and great story telling Francesca - I love the man's sales technique!

Soheil on Sunset Over the Mediterranean
A superb framing ! Very beautiful .

Doug on Sunset Over the Mediterranean
Wonderful, a few years since I was there, but it was lovely.

Doug on Fishers of Men
Great monochrome with that fantastic backdrop

maurizio costantino on Happy Cat
bringing peace and colors to me...I enjoy your trip trough your images...

Ronnie 2¢ on Happy Cat
Cats have mastered the art of dozing anywhere . . what a sweet image this makes.

Basile Pesso on Happy Cat
Touching scene, interesting composition and good focus and light.

Doug on Happy Cat
Beautifully captured image of this contented cat

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